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The right product, whatever the application.

We offer you the right fan for all industrial areas. One-off fabrications with perfect quality guarantee low-maintenance running times with a lengthy service life.

From the smallest, portable fans through to specially made large fans - we have the right fan for you - or if we don't, then we'll develop it.

ruwu® industrial fans

As individual as your needs. As a qualified solution provider for custom-made fans, we provide the right product for every use area.

▪ Axial, radial, and centrifugal fans
▪ High, medium, and low pressure fans
▪ Stainless steel fans
▪ One-way suction fans
▪ Two-way suction fans
▪ Heat resistant fans
▪ Kiln fans
▪ Plug-in and ventilating fans
▪ Double-inlet fans
▪ Impellers
▪ Customer-specific special manufactures
▪ Fan Accessories

Do you need a fan for an application with the most exacting technical standards in which a standard fan does not represent the optimum solution?

We look forward to finding an individual solution for you! Whether special installation situations or special materials, customer-specific one-off fabrications with radial and axial designs, we possess great experience and excellent references. Put us to the test!

ruwu® mobile fans

This fan series is a speciality product in our extensive fan product range of portable ventilation and circulation systems. Three series of fans cover all use areas.

▪ Radial design with hose connection
▪ Axial design with hose connection
▪ Positive pressure fans

They have proofed in the field of canal and tank cleaning at operators of sewage plants, water works, well diggers, manufacturers of tanks and boiler and coating companies in particular. As an uncomplicated additional cooling at foundries, furnace operators or IT rooms and, and, and...

ruwu® parts and components

We supply everything so your fans will run optimally and without malfunctions. From accessories and impellers through to fabricating parts according to your drawings, many things are possible.

ruwu® fans – made in Germany